Project Management

AVS provides a complete portfolio of project management services.

We are proud to offer clients a complete range of services, from technical evaluation and estimation of project costs to its final delivery. Our goal is to satisfy each customer’s needs while maintaining the highest quality of work. The services of AVS include:

  • Technical evaluation and estimation of project costs;
  • Preparation and control of a material supply plan;
  • Assessment of project implementation and risk assessment;
  • Development of a human resources plan for separate project stages;
  • Manufacture, installation, and final delivery to the customer or representatives of a class/ category.

Online monitoring of project progress reports is available! Our team provides special online access enabling you to follow the progress of your project.

Progress reports are generated with the help of the PowerBI tool. This enables us to save time and to purposefully plan all other tasks. The report is available to anyone who has the link and an internet connection. It includes detailed and focussed information that can also be accessed using a smartphone.

The AVS team makes every effort to save the Client‘s time and to deliver the best results.