Installation of piping systems

The AVS team installs piping systems used for different purposes on ships and in other industrial facilities. We prepare installation drawings and diagrams if needed.

We install equipment and connect pipelines to existing equipment and pipelines. We undertake hydraulic system installation and testing works.

We implement various installation works in ship repair, ship retrofit, and other industries. BWTS – ballast water treatment systems, exhaust gas cleaning systems, and other retrofits are a few areas of our specializations.

AVS specialists carry out renovation and repair works of various piping systems, valves, and conduct function tests.

The piping systems we work according to material type:

  • Stainless steel;
  • GRE, GRVE glass-fiber piping systems;
  • PPE, PEHD plastic pipes;
  • +GF+ systems;
  • Copper and CuNiFe;
  • Carbon steel piping.

Installation work is implemented with advanced equipment and tools. Quality according to international ISO standards. The mobile AVS team can arrive at any destination to implement long or short-term projects requested by the Customer.